Sunday, April 1, 2012

There and Back Again OR From Yeditepe to Dedetepe...

"What has Westmont in Istanbul been up to?" you might ask.

"Quite a lot" is the answer you would receive.

For the days between March 23th through 28th, we packed a few bags and headed across the Sea of Marmara and out to the Aegean Coast to Dedetepe Ecological Farm.

This part of the program was meant to be a break from the city, an introduction to the great work of some Turkish NGOs, and a chance to live sustainable for a week.

Mission Accomplished.

Students adored the pristine nature, and took advantage of it - some waking for sunrises, others hiking up the riverbed, while still others making a trek to the sea or playing the locals in a game of football (we won 8-0 by the way).

The trip was a wonderfully relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. We traded pide and kebap for a totally vegetarian diet filled with homemade salads, soups, pastas, and olives - lots of olives.

We also enjoyed making a whole group of brand new friends, as we ended up bonding with the staff/volunteers of the farm very well! I'm sure that there are many new Facebook contacts and email addresses.

Here are a few photos from our fantastic little trip:

The kitchen area - where all of our delicious meals were prepared and served.

Working hard.

A complete Turkish Bath (hamam) built completely out of mud, clay, and straw.

One of the farm volunteers enjoys a little sun at the firepit.

Stunning views from the center platform of the farm.

The guys slept in traditional yurts - they were as awesome as they look.

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